I Wouldn’t Wait

  VOLUNTEER SHARING BY AMIE MORIARTY, VOLUNTEER, PHYSIO-THERAPIST   Getting to Know You… My name is Amie Moriarty.  I am a physio-therapist.  My family and I have been living in Hong Kong for over 15 years, and I’m currently a volunteer at Mother’s … Continued

This World Will Be Better

VOLUNTEER SHARING BY DR. EDDIE CHEUNG, VOLUNTEER, PEDIATRICIAN   I am Eddie, I am a paediatrician.  I’ve been trained as a paediatric cardiologist.  I help Mother’s Choice to take care of the children.  Mother’s Choice is not only taking care of t … Continued

Volunteering Gives Me Strength

VOLUNTEER SHARING BY RAY CHEUNG, VOLUNTEER, CHILD CARE HOME   (1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hello Eunice. My name is Ray. Usually, they call me big brother Ray. I am a full-time programmer, work from nine to six, from Monday to Friday. I have served Mot … Continued