Foster Dad Sharing Series – Sam

1. Why did you decide to become a foster dad? The reason I decided to be a foster family at the beginning was because a social worker told me that the reason why many children without families have been living in the hospital is not because he is unhealthy or sick, but … Continued

Foster Dad Sharing Series – Kit

1. As a foster dad, what have you done to help the children prepare to join their new family? Our first [foster] child was actually waiting for a family to adopt. Because this kid was expected to be adopted to a foreign country, our goal was to cook at home and speak in … Continued

Using Your Skills For Good

A huge thanks to Campaign for inviting our CEO Alia Eyres to be a speaker in their Leading Change virtual event! In “Breaking through adversity” session, Alia shared her journey on how she overcame hurdles in her personal and professional life, using fortitu … Continued