The mission of Mother’s Choice is to join hands with the community to give hope and change life stories. We have seen how powerful it is when our community works together to turn crisis into hope. Everyone has a role to play, and everyone can make a difference.

At Mother’s Choice, we believe that even the youngest in our community can play an active role and when young people have the chance to serve their communities, everyone benefits! Students gain skills necessary to succeed in school, in the workplace and in life, and the community develops strong, diverse groups of inspired and engaged young people.

Below are the opportunities for students to support our work:

2024 Summer Internship Program

Are you an undergraduate or high school student who are 16 years old or above, and believe in the vision and mission of Mother’s Choice? And do you want to make a difference? If so, apply to our 2024 Summer Internship Program!

Why Mother’s Choice?

Working alongside the multicultural, dedicated and passionate teams at Mother’s Choice, our interns will have the unparalleled opportunity to experience first-hand, and to contribute to the invaluable work that Mother’s Choice does for children, youth and families in Hong Kong.

What is the time commitment?

Varies depending on the project needs but typically 1-3 half to full days’ work per week for 4-8 weeks

  • 1st batch: start in mid June
  • 2nd batch: start in mid July

What attributes must you have?

In addition to having a passion for and commitment to our mission and vision, we are seeking students with the following attributes:

– Open-minded, non-judgmental, positive with a can-do attitude

– Excellent command of written and spoken English, or Chinese, preferably both

– Good organizational and interpersonal skills

– Solid computer skills and familiar with Microsoft Office

– A good team player but also able to work independently

What are the internship opportunities available now?

Our interns work within, and help support services and departments supporting children, youth, families and operations. The internship opportunities available now are listed below. Responsibilities and internship period of the positions are subject to change by the rights of Mother’s Choice. Applicants should indicate their interested position(s) in their applications and WHY.

Please click here for more details of the internship positions listed below, which we highly recommend you read through before your application.

  1. Research

Ideal for students who wish to understand the issues faced by Mother’s Choice and assist in program development.

Positions include:

  • Child care research
  • Youth pregnancy and mental health research
  • Child protection research and report writing
  1. Communications

Ideal for students who wish to gain hands-on experience in learning specific topics/ issues and using that knowledge to create and develop core communication materials.

Positions include:

  • Child Care Home operations manual writing
  • Pregnant Girls Home operations manual writing
  1. Media Support

Ideal for creative storytellers with design or translation skills.

Positions include:

  • Parenting program PowerPoint and eLearning graphic design (Design major required)
  • Child Care Home Training materials graphic design
  1. Administration and Program Support

Ideal for students who wish to explore how the specific topics and knowledge can be converged in our programs of services.

Position include:

  • Foster Care Services administration and program support
  1. IT Support

Ideal for tech-savvy students with relevant educational background and IT skillsets.

Position include:

  • Data analytics project (must have knowledge and experience in SQL)
  1. Administrative Support

Ideal for organized, self-motivated students with a meticulous eye for detail.

Positions include:

  • Pregnant Girls Home administration
  • Child Care Home administration 
  1. Administrative Support & Communications

Ideal for organized, self-motivated students with a meticulous eye for detail as well as students who wish to learn specific topics and using that knowledge to develop communication materials.

Positions include:

  • Child Care Home / Pregnant Girls Home / Early Intervention Operations
  • Event Operations
  • Safe Families Operations
  • Finance Operations 
  1. Children Activities: Child Care Home Activities

Ideal for students who are enthusiastic and passionate with young children.

Position include:

8.1)      Activities with kids at 5pm-7pm at a fixed date once a week for a commitment of 6 weeks

  1. Therapy Support

For students who are studying Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy or Speech Therapy and passionate to support children with special needs. (If you meet the requirements and would like to volunteer with us this summer, please directly send us your CV and Cover Letter to

Positions include:

    1. Occupational Therapy student volunteer
    2. Physiotherapy student volunteer
    3. Speech Therapy student volunteer

Where will you work?

Depending on the project, you may work in one or more of our offices in Mid-Levels or Kwun Tong, or work from home.

How to apply?

Interested applicants who are 16 years old or above are eligible to apply to our summer intern and should prepare a cover letter and CV. Please fill in the application form below and upload your cover letter and CV in the application form.

  • Application deadline of 1st batch: 13th May (Mon)
  • Application deadline of 2nd batch: 10th June (Mon)

You will be invited to learn about Mother’s Choice and a brief interview on either.

  • 1st batch: 8th June (Sat). You will be notified in the week of 13th May if you are selected to be interviewed.
  • 2nd batch: 29th June (Sat). You will be notified in the week of 10th June if you are selected to be interviewed.
Apply Here!

What will I receive at the end?

We award students a certificate of service on the completion of the internship program. The most memorable takeaway shared from our previous interns are friendships and the opportunity to contribute and make a difference in the community we love.

If you have any questions about the internship program or your application, please email us at

Youth Leadership Council

Each generation brings with it change and at Mother’s Choice, we want to harness the vision and energy of schools and students and provide them the chance to serve their community.  Started in 2015, the Mother’s Choice Youth Leadership Council (YLC) is a youth-centered advisory group designed to provide leadership development for student members as well as facilitate teamwork, build youth confidence and strengthen student skills with problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Our program emphasizes authenticity, ethics and collaborative decision-making and enhances learning outside of the classroom.

YLC School Chapters in 2023/24 include:

  • Canadian International School
  • Chinese International School
  • Christian Alliance International School
  • Diocesan Boys’ School
  • Discovery College
  • French International School
  • German Swiss International School
  • Harrows International School
  • Hong Kong International School
  • International Christian School
  • Island School
  • Kellett School
  • King George V School
  • Marymount Secondary School
  • Renaissance College
  • Sha Tin College
  • Singapore International School
  • South Island School
  • The ISF Academy
  • West Island School

You may check out our one-pager for YLC here.

If you are interested in starting up a Youth Leadership Council in your school, please email us at

Craft Makers’ Club

Do you enjoy making craft projects and being creative? Do you like helping others? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

At Mother’s Choice, we believe that everyone has a role to play and that everyone can make a difference, including the youngest in our community! We are recruiting enthusiastic students to create craftwork for our children awaiting forever families.

The Craft Makers’ Club is a fun yet rewarding way for students to spend time building, exploring and creating together while also having a positive impact on our community. It also provides support to Mother’s Choice through creative, hands-on projects that celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity, while also being able to learn about the issues that vulnerable children in our community face.

Students will work on two different craft projects – they will create Christmas Cards for children awaiting forever families and Thank You Cards for our supporters.

The projects will kick off with a briefing session (Zoom) held at 4-5pmThurs 23rd Nov 2023 / 22nd Feb / 20th June / 18th July 2024. If you are interested, please register here or the button below. All students must join to learn what we do and understand what they need to deliver. All craft handiworks will be mailed to Mother’s Choice at #10 Borrett Road, Mid Levels, Hong Kong.

By the end of the project, students will learn new skills and ways of expressing themselves and develop a sense of purpose and fulfillment by making a positive impact in our city.

Apply Here!

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